Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Salt Fork River Paddler's Map

We have made a start on a Salt Fork River Paddler's Map of natural, historical, and other sites of potential interest on your next float. Many sites are on private property and should be viewed only from the river; a few sites that are off the river are noted as being on public roads or park property.

This is a work in progress. Please contribute ideas for additional sites by email or comment to this post.


  1. There's an access point on the highway off exit from Oakwood by the bridge as well. Not shown on the map, thanks for creating the map I used it for a trip. you can see the ramp to the river on google earth, that's how I found it.

  2. I have started my own Google map that includes the Salt Fork (and beyond) at:

    Feel free to use any information and photo links from my map on yours.

    -- Gary