Salt Fork River Paddler's Map

This interactive map identifies access points and other sites of interest along the river. This works like any Google Map, grab and move the map around, zoom in and out, and click on icons or index names to open an information balloon about the site. This is a work in progress, please offer suggestions for additional sites, either by email or comment to the introductory post.

- Access points
     (C)-Champaign  (V)-Vermilion
- Natural
- Historical
- Government/Civic
"A Guide to the Big Vermilion River System" by Dannel McCollum and James Smith
Salt Fork Friends provide this map for information purposes. Many listed sites are on private property and should be viewed only from the river; a few sites that are off the river are noted as being on public roads or park property. The reader assumes full responsibility for assessing his or her skill level, equipment, and river conditions for safe boating. We recommend that you educate yourself about the area in which you will be paddling, and carry appropriate gear, clothing, water, food, etc. Check the weather forecast before launching. You alone are responsible for your happiness and safety.
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