Monday, June 4, 2012

Bald eagles and nest sighted on the Salt Fork!

     While canoeing on the Salt Fork River Sunday afternoon, June 3rd, four of us saw an adult bald eagle take off down the river channel and then we spotted the nest with one chick!  The nest is located in a large sycamore tree on the left back (if one is headed downstream) approximately 1/2 mile downstream of 400E, Runyan Bridge, and before you reach Conkeytown.   All three forks of the Vermilion River system, the North Fork, Middle Fork, and now the Salt Fork, have active bald eagle nests.  Incredible!  As far as I know, this is the first bald eagle nest to be noted on the Salt Fork River.
      We had a leisurely trip in clear water from 300E, Butler Bridge, to 700E, the mouth of Stony Creek,  in a canoe and two kayaks.  This is a beautiful stretch of stream in Vermilion County with high bluffs, rock riffles, and the historic Conkeytown mill site in a beautiful sandstone bluff.   It was a great day for a float down the Salt Fork.