Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Action Day - Climate Change

Today is Blog Action Day. Blogs all over the world and of all types are sharing a common topic, Climate Change. There is no doubt that the world’s climate is changing and that in the next 50 years the Salt Fork River will be changed by this.

Climate change will affect the water temperature, the flow rate, the vegetation, life in the river and life along the river. What a change this will be for the Salt Fork River and the region. One encouraging fact that I have been reading is that healthy and intact river basins, wetlands and floodplains are less vulnerable to climate change.

So Salt Fork Friends, I would like to encourage you to educate yourselves selves about the River, about its environment, its wetlands and floodplains. Then, do what you can to ensure that these areas are healthy and intact. If many people are personally involved in initiating projects to promote and establish a healthy river corridor, the Salt Fork stands a much better chance of surviving and adapting to future climate changes. Homeowners and landowners especially need to be more intentional about establishing and nurturing these areas, some of which are in their own back yards. Don’t wait for your neighbor to do this; don’t wait for the government to do this. Educate yourself about rivers and climate change, decide what YOU can do for the future of the Salt Fork River and its watershed, and then do it!

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